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The 12 year culmination of education ends with writing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examination.
Moore House Academy is accredited to offer the NSC examinations in 2019 to other home-schooled and tutor centre learners. 

Examination Fees

These fees are paid to the examination centre once your child has been allocated in August for the year in which they write their National Senior Certificate. The price list below reflects the amount charged by Moore House Examination Centre and will vary from other Examination Centres fees.
Our space for 2019 is limited to only 50 learners.


Exam Session Fees

R 310

Invigilation of exam sessions per subject, this price exclude practical subject exam session fees.


Private Venue

R 200

Accommodation learners who require a reader/scribe will have to be placed in a private venue. This amount is charged per session and excludes the reader/scribe's fee.




Accommodation learners who require a reader/scribe will be provided with a qualified reader/scribe, this price will be dependant on the contract with the parent.

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