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Educating the Individual

Moore House Academy provides a unique tutoring environment based on the CAPS aligned curriculum for learners in Grade 10 - 12. Our service is related to individualised learning with tutor guidance and support.

Moore House Academy assists all learners with consolidating their curriculum outcomes, by receiving quality attention from our experienced and passionate tutors.

While home-schooling is a challenging task to undertake at a high school level all alone. We take pride in bridging the gap for those learners who want more tutor time for an enhanced learning experience.

Ideal Safe Environment


Country Location

Where learners can focus on their studies without the distractions of urban living.


Small Group Tutoring

In small group tutoring we encourage active participation in our lessons and rely on student feed back to enhance and continually improve our curriculum formats.


Committed Tutors

We follow a Caps curriculum with a strong focus on the learner’s own strengths and work with each learner in the areas of their weaknesses to bring them up to standard, while working at a comfortable pace for each individual student.

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