Rethink your education

Adapt your child’s education to suit their needs as well as yours.


We bridge the gap for all children who wish to work towards obtaining an accredited National Senior Certificate through distance education.


Uninterrupted online access tailored to the individual.


All tasks, tests and examinations are developed in line with the CAPS curriculum requirements for promotion.


Moore House Academy is registered by SACAI and provides assessments for the CAPS curriculum.



Home-schooling is a challenging task to undertake at a high school level all alone.

Since 2015, Moore House Tutor Academy has provided educational assistance to learners who choose an alternative educational approach, while still adhering to the traditional paths towards a National Senior Certificate. The attention to our learners’ whole learning experience is our primary driving force.

Einstein envisioned himself riding next to a beam of light and his ideas were against the lessons being taught at that time. This resulted in him running away from his school in Germany and enrolling himself into a school that approached learning differently. They called it thought experiments.

We hope to afford the learners the opportunity to change the way they learn. Memorising content is still a large part of our educational system but it does not mean that learning the content must be traditional.
Online access to the world guided by our educational specialists presents a new model of learning.



Grade 8 - 9

Learners in Grade 8 and 9 have to complete all the prescribed subjects. These years allow a learner to experience various subject types before they have to choose their specific subject choices in Grade 10 which will continue till Grade 12 ends.

Grade 10 - 11

All children are required to successfully complete the grade 10 and 11 years under the CAPS curriculum to be registered for Grade 12. Subject choices at the beginning of Grade 10 are critically important for any child as these will determine what degree they may apply for after school.

Grade 12

The final year of school which normally can’t arrive soon enough and is over faster than you can blink. Registrations close early for this Grade due to this very reason. So don’t delay!

Matric Upgrade

If your first attempt at the National Senior Certificate was unsuccessful, or if you just want to improve your grade you can register for a single or multiple subject upgrade through us.





It was a challenging year; thank you to all teachers at Moore House for your wisdom and hearts. I will always be grateful to you for being there for my child. Thank you for paying close attention to my son‘s problems and not hesitating to bring them to my attention. It is not easy to work with him; that is why they say teachers are second parents; I appreciate everything you have done.

Pierre Steyn


I just wanted to thank you all for a phenomenal job done during this year! For always having your “door” open for the learners and adapting to the online teaching program as efficiently as you did. I understand that there is a lot more work involved in doing online classes than a regular face to face lesson. Well done to the Moore House Team!

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